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Top Recovery Tips

Top Recovery Tips

Recovery is an essential aspect of performance, superior training and staying injury free. However, the time off between workouts isn’t the only thing to consider.

Recovery starts with the cool down after a tough workout. This is known as active recovery and the focus is to reduce breathing rate, heart rate and core body temperature to pre-workout levels. The easy ride after the workout is also important for removing unwanted metabolic byproducts from the muscles such as lactate and reducing muscle stiffness. After a hard effort, ride for 10 to 20 minutes at around 65 to 70 per cent of your maximum heart rate.

Dehydration can reduce performance, but also delay the recovery process. Exercise increases the body’s need for water and electrolytes. It’s recommended that men have a fluid intake of 3.7 litres per day and women 2.7 litres. But it’s important to take in more fluids to compensate for sweat lost. Aim for a ratio of roughly one litre of water for every 1000 kcal burned.

Another form of active recovery, easier rides are important on days between hard workouts because they help bring blood and fresh nutrients to the muscles and remove waste products accumulated from the hard effort. Perform recovery rides at 65 to 70 per cent of your maximum heart rate.