under armour

1996 to today

From product innovations and ground-breaking campaigns to the partnerships and big bets that propelled the Brand forward, these are the moments that made us who we are.

The Shorty


Prototype #0037 - “The Shorty”

The shirt that started it all. It was soft. It was skin-tight. It was stretchy. And, most importantly, it wicked sweat faster than anything else out there, keeping athletes cool, dry and light.



Heatgear® for When It's Hot & Coldgear® for When It's Cold

After delivering on the keep-you-cool promise of HeatGear® with the first T-shirt, Under Armour introduced its now-famous ColdGear® fabric, which keeps athletes warm, dry, and light in cold conditions, and then AllSeasonGear®, which keeps athletes comfortable between the extremes.



The Move to Baltimore

Under Armour moved operations from a rowhouse in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, DC, which belonged to Kevin Plank’s grandmother, to an all-new headquarters and warehouse in Baltimore, MD, the city it has called home ever since.

Protect this hous


Protect This House

Under Armour’s first national television ad, the now-legendary Protect this House® commercial, featured former University of Maryland football standout Eric "Big E" Ogbogu. The ad established Under Armour as the authentic voice for the next generation, and introduced the concept of “WILL,” a theme that remains an undeniable part of the Brand’s DNA.

Going Public

Going Public

Under Armour went public on November 17, 2005, trading at NASDAQ under “UARM” and becoming the first U.S.-based initial public offering in five years to double on its first day of trading.

Brand house


Brand House

Under Armour’s first Brand House retail store opened in Annapolis, MD.

Billion Dollar Brand

Billion Dollar Brand

By nearly quadrupling its revenues in a five-year period, Under Armour surpassed $1 billion in annual revenue just 15 years after the company’s founding in Kevin Plank's grandma’s basement. Kevin Plank marked the occasion by signing the shipping box that made the milestone purchase.




This new pinnacle cushioning system for Under Armour footwear is not only soft enough to absorb impact, but it also returns energy and pushes you back up so it feels like zero gravity. Under Armour, 1. Gravity, 0. 

Curry Brand Launch

Curry Brand Launch

Under Armour, in partnership with NBA champion and MVP  Stephen Curry, announced the creation and launch of the Curry Brand, a purpose-led performance brand with a mission to ensure every young person has equitable access to sport.

New Generation


Under Armour calls on a new generation to Protect This House

The movement that has rallied athletes for two decades to defend their turf returns in new form, shifting focus to going all-out for something bigger than ourselves: our team. With this next evolution, Under Armour will once again reshape the sports landscape by helping today’s young athletes protect everything they are and everything they’re working to become.