“We are delighted to partner with CoolPlay who do incredible work on and off the field to enrich the lives of school kids through sport. It’s so
exciting to witness the passion, determination and dedication of the CoolPlay Champions and the difference they are making to these kids
We are honoured to have the UA logo alongside that of CoolPlay’s and we look forward to a powerful partnership together.”

Lorrianne Cloete
— Under Armour Brand Manager

Together with the CoolPlay Trust we’re supporting teaching kids valuable life skills through sport, setting learners up for success as they navigate life.

Through the sporting codes of Netball, Rugby, Hockey and Soccer Squads we create the basis to make better choices and build healthy relationships.

Take on a personal challenge that is meaningful to you and activate you networks in support of CoolPlay. We’re happy to partner you and help you along the way

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